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I was a kid who loved to tidy and keep her room clean. I was always eager to organize closets and drawers and the perfect place to do this was my Grandparents home. They were always more than happy and supportive when I asked for chores to do and would always find some task to keep me busy. I loved dusting out their china cabinet, rearranging the tea cups, refolding the fabric napkins and stacking the candles ever so neatly in the drawers. The junk drawer in the kitchen was always a fun one too! Trying to find a way to keep all the odds and ends clean and tidy was exciting to me. As a teenager I visited second hand stores on the weekends looking for that perfect piece of furniture for my bedroom to refinish. I also loved to change up my room with paint colours which I knew drove my Mother nuts but she was always supportive and allowed me to be creative with my space.

I started Hannan & Co because I do genuinely love to help people. I believe that in having an organized home it will give you peace of mind, and give you more quality time with your family. My home is a place that people feel they can put their feet up, get cozy and have amazing conversations without the distraction of clutter. I want your home to have this same feeling and it is something we can achieve together.
So whether we are organizing your home, office, art studio or staging your home for the next chapter in your life the common goal is to make it a space where people, and most importantly YOU, feel calm, content and inspired.



Home Organization

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Home Staging

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Assist in downsizing of a home or packing to move to a new home

I am always up for any challenge so if you have any additional inquiries please contact me for a consultation.

How We Work


You can call, email or contact us through social media!

Home Organization:

We will set up a skype call for consultation where we will discuss your challenges and what you would like to accomplish with your home.  We will work with you to create a personalized plan that best suits your family's needs.

It is my goal that we make your home a place you feel calm, content and inspired.


I work with Agents and sellers in the GTA and surrounding areas to come up with a game plan to sell your home as quickly as possibly by ensuring we clear out clutter and create a beautiful space that your buyer can envision being their forever home.  

Other Services:

Please email, call or contact us through our social media sites for all other inquires.

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Are you not finding the answers to your questions here? Are you interested in finding out more about how my skills and experience can help you? 

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